Oregon Schools Ban Native American Mascots

English: my own pic

English: my own pic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the NCAA ban of Native American representations as collegiate mascots, school districts across the nation began to question the perception of their own mascots. Beginning in the 1970s school districts began to analyze the use of Native American representations and changed their mascots or graphics.

Since this time, there have been more than 600 schools to change their mascots. Out of these schools 20 of them were in Oregon. As a state Oregon has implemented some of the most strict restrictions on the use of Native American logos, symbols or names for schools. Schools have until July of 2017 to make changes to names and mascots or face the risk of losing state funding.

High school students

High school students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While a vote within Salem’s Education Board was 5-1 in favor of changing the mascots, there are still community members who are resisting the change. Supporters of the current mascot argue that the costs of changing all printed uniforms and sports equipment along with other items is unaffordable for the district. The reason for these changes is because the Oregon Board of Education deemed the use of Native American symbols and names as offensive.


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